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Ms Wong Xiu Yan 

Ms Toh Ling Ling

Mr Chiang Heng Jaik

Mr Philip Deepak

Ms Zakiah

The aim of the NCC(Sea) unit is to develop our cadets to be a confident person, an active contributor and a concerned citizen. The activities that the cadets will go through within the 4 years with NCC will better prepare them for their National Service.


Formed in 2000, the unit has won 10th consecutive years of GOLD award in the Best Unit Competition since 2002. The unit size has also grown from an initial strength of 20 cadets to over 100. The close working partnership with NCC Head Quarter has allowed our cadets the chance to participate in many army related activities that is able to instill discipline, leadership and perseverance in all our cadets.


NCC training is scheduled on every Wednesday and Friday. In their first two years in NCC, the cadets are exposed to a wide range of activities ranging from adventure camps, visit to Naval bases, enrichment courses, foot-drill, knowledge of fire arms used in the army, importance of cover and concealment, kayaking certification etc. From the middle of their third year in NCC, cadets will be exposed to leadership courses to equip them with the knowledge to lead their juniors after the Sec 4 cadets had stepped down from their duty.  Sec 3 cadets are also given opportunities to participate in subsidised oversea trips organised by NCC Headquarters.





Adventure camp @ Loola Bintan


Part A Cadets @ Battle Field trail


Part B Cadets @ Camp Steel with Mr Tan


Part C Cadets who made it to AKE 2010 with Mr Teng


Part C Cadets onboard RSS Persistence during their MSTD Trip in March 2010


CSM Nigel and 2nd Sgt Teoh Yong briefing parents at CCA Maze 2010

Gearing up for Sea Competition!


We are future leaders!